Torre Venere is a recent established winery but of ancient tradition. The Pacelli family is devoted to the activity of vines cultivation since the late nineteenth century.

The importance of the ancient family legacy, the real and genuine passion for the wine, the old professional experience of agronomist have driven Michele to the recovery of the ancient commercialization of the bottle wine, creating torre venere: a new winery with an ancient history.

The company is personally managed by the holder, who devote his personal attention to the productive process, from the agricultural step to the transformation and to the bottling.

Convinced by the necessity of protect the cultural and social identity of the territory, moreover driven by a true love for his land, Michele pacelli called his winery torre venere,in honor of the old tufa tower-torre venere- which since many years is the symbol of the country that host the company’s lands: castelvenere , a small and florid country of the sannio, the most vineyard place of Campania and the entire national territory, characterized by natural factors of climate and soil, determinants for a good quality product.

The tower of venus, of angioin origin, placed in the historic center of the country, in two tower street, unfortunately is collapsed and not rebuilt yet: the torre venere winery is ,according with the owner intentions, a gift for a symbol which, although no more existent, continues to represent, into the minds and hearts of castelvenere’s people, the only symbol in which they can see their identity.

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